The history of the Kolpa company extends far into 1978. Since its establishment, the company has built a strong international reputation based on knowledge and experience, and with this they have established trust and confidence in themselves and their products. The efforts of the Kolpa company are directed first and foremost into satisfying customers by manufacturing high quality products that above all impress with their outstanding technical characteristics. The Kolpa company is a partner always focused on your needs – anywhere, anytime, in any way!

1991. Kerrock is born.

A fusion of aluminium hydroxide and polymer-based acrylic binder. Composite material, smooth, homogeneous and non-porous. The world of ambient exterior and interior will never be the same as before … Revolution.

Kerrock blends into every building and the space in it.

As a composite material, it is designed for demanding users. Through a wide range of colours and dimensions, it can be shaped in the most innovative images. Its excellence makes it thrive in every building. With its excellence, it excels on every object and space in it.

More information about Kerrock products available from Oy Lore Ab or directly from the producers web site: