As a specialist in decorative laminates, Dekodur® has always followed its mission to offer its customers top-class and trend-setting solutions with curiosity, innovation and service orientation.

Initially, Dekodur® set new standards with laminate panels made of melamine resin. Laminate panels made of real metal followed in the early 1960s – a new milestone in the history of laminate panels and today a core competence that is implemented with the highest precision and in an impressive variety. Worldwide.

DI Dekodur International is a manufacturer of decorative high-pressure laminate panels (HPL) for interior design, hotels and restaurants, trade fair construction, shop fitting, etc., which are distributed worldwide via dealer networks.

Our production program includes HPL laminates with a focus on laminate panels with a surface made of real metal (aluminum, copper, stainless steel, tin). With the DEKODUR-specific deep structures, the laminated panels are “refined” and thus give the HPL an extraordinary appearance and feel. Architects, designers and processors are thus given space in the planning and realization of their individual projects.

DI Dekodur has long relied on the processing of natural and renewable raw materials for the production of HPL laminated panels. This is how the world’s first CO2-neutral laminate plate was created, free of formaldehyde and phenol.

With deko FireSafe®, a patented and certified non-combustible laminate that meets all the requirements of international fire protection has been developed. This non-combustible laminate also meets the highest demands in terms of use, design and aesthetics.
As a system in combination with non-combustible carrier plates including the materials for the substruc-ture, deko FireSafe® offers maximum security with a certificate of fire protection class A2 s1 d0

deko FireSafe® is suitable for decorative surfaces as well as for the cladding of escape and rescue routes, stairwells, inspection shafts, switch cabinets, public facilities or large meeting places. It can be used both vertically and horizontally (e.g. as wall and ceiling cladding or in furniture construction).

deko FireSafe® composite panels are extremely robust (scratch-resistant, impact-resistant) and hard-wearing and meet the highest hygienic standards (laminate produced according to DIN-EN438).

All deko FireSafe® composite panels can be manufactured and delivered in the dimensions 2440 x 1220 mm and 3050 x 1220 mm as laminate or composite material:

deko FireSafe® Akustik offers “noise control” and noise protection at the highest aesthetic level: tested systems and products according to all requirements of room acoustics (according to absorption classes) and room climate. In any desired design. This is unique.

Deko FireSafe® certified according to: DIN 4102-1 A1 (A2)
DIN EN 13501-1 A2 s1 d0 in combination
Patent No. 10 2014 116 984